Bangladesh announces closure of educational institutions till Feb 6

Bangladesh government on Friday announced closure of educational institutions for the next two weeks from today till February 6 amid a surge in Covid-19 transmission across the country.
The cabinet division, in a circular uploaded in its website, also gave five more directives in the backdrop of a spike in Covid cases across Bangladesh.
The directives said that the schools, colleges and their equivalent educational institutions would remain closed between January 21 and February 6 and the authorities of the Read more »

City News

Khazana celebrates 20th anniversary

Khazana, one of Dhaka most popular restaurants, is proudly celebrating its 20th year in business.
“Reaching 20 years in business is a huge milestone for Khazana”, Avishek Sinha, CEO of Khazana commented.
He added that since they first opened their doors, they have continuously ensured to push the boundaries and consistently hit high-standards in both the service and the preparation of their dishes.
“In two decades this ethos has never once changed,” he added, and continued, “Over the years, Khazana has become the Read more »


Scientists expect Kakila will roam into water again

Freshwater garfish, known as Kakila in Bangladesh, once found in open water bodies, especially in rivers, canals, haors etc., is a delicious fish that is rich in nutrients, but now it is almost extinct, due to the effects of climate, natural disasters and various man-made habitats, damage to breeding grounds and the number of the fish began decreasing drastically. Although its found in some areas in the region, the quantity is very low.
Hopefully, scientists from the Freshwater Sub-station of the Bangladesh Fisheries Research Institute (BFRI) in Jessore have succeeded in Read more »


CSR and a new order of business

From being seen as mere philanthropy and ‘doing good’, corporate social responsibility is now at the heart of business sustainability and ethical and accountable corporate behaviour
Bitopi Das Chowdhury
CSR or corporate social responsibility has been a buzz phrase for quite some time now. Not a day goes by without it being mentioned, albeit in passing, in daily business discourse. Even during the last decade, CSR was looked upon by big businesses as “doing good” — something that was “extra” to their day-to-day effort of profit maximisation, a great public relations (PR) tool to generate empathy among their customers and favouritism from the powers that be. Not anymore.
Companies today realise Read more »

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Shwapno opens 202nd branch at Dhanmondi

The grocery chain shop, Shwapno, has opened its 202nd branch at Bay Park Heights, beside Sheikh Jamal Cricket Academy, at Dhanmondi 8 of Dhaka city. The new outlet was inaugurated on Friday morning in the presence of Pradip Kar Chowdhury, executive director, finance and planning ofACI Limited, and (more…)

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Daraz is set to herald in a new era of e-commerce

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, e-commerce was already witnessing significant growth – with the sector expanding at a steady pace of 4.5 per cent globally. This was driven mainly by factors like increased digitisation, improvements in technology and infrastructure, and consumers expecting more convenience and (more…)

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Tech & Web

Top-earning you tubers of 2021, according to Forbes

The only 23-year-old American Jimmy Donaldson, better known as MrBeast named the highest paid you tuber of 2021, according to Forbes. He is the new number one among you tube stars; with a total of more than ten million views for his videos, he earned of an estimated 54 million (more…)

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‘Baby Shark’ makes YouTube history with 10 billion views

Children’s song Baby Shark on Thursday, January 13, became the first-ever video to cross the 10 billion views mark on YouTube. The viral hit, released by South Korean company Pinkfong in 2016, managed the feat just over a year since being crowned the most-viewed video on YouTube in November 2020, dethroning (more…)

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Amazing health benefits of running regularly

We all know running is good for us. It is perhaps the easiest form of exercise. It improves the way we feel and look. Running can give you a longer life, better sleep, improved immunity, weight loss, it’s even good for your knees & bones and more. In fact, there isn’t a system in the body that doesn’t benefit from running. From the top of your head to the tip of your toes, running gives you a total body workout and improve all (more…)

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5 foods to eat for healthy, glowing skin

You probably think about how nutrition affects your internal health and your weight, but eating the right foods can also improve the quality of your skin. “You can look at food as the raw materials for a factory,” says Ian Koo, a naturopathic doctor based in Mississauga, Ont. “The better the quality of the raw materials we have to start with, the greater the chance that we’ll end up with a good durable product.” Here are what to add (more…)

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Rain at the summit of Greenland for the first time on record

Something extraordinary happened recently. On August 14, 2021, it rained at the highest point on the Greenland Ice Sheet for several hours — the first rainfall event in recorded history, and air temperatures remained above freezing for about nine hours. The record-breaking rain is the latest in a string of warning signs about how climate change is affecting Greenland's ice sheet. Scientists confirmed these sightings on August 18th that rain were observed Saturday at Summit Station, a research facility that (more…)

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Emissions of CO2 driving rapid oceans ‘acid trip’

The world's oceans are becoming acidic at an "unprecedented rate" and may be souring more rapidly than at any time in the past 300 million years. In their strongest statement yet on this issue, scientists say acidification could increase by 170% by 2100. They say that some 30% of ocean species are unlikely to survive in these conditions. The researchers conclude that human emissions of CO2 are clearly to blame. The study will be presented (more…)

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Snakes help monitor Fukushima Fallout

Researchers have equipped snakes with tracking devices and dosimeters to measure the radiation levels in the vicinity of the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant in Japan, in which there were three core meltdowns in March 2011 - one of the largest anthropogenic releases of radioactive contamination in history. Radiation leaks forced tens of thousands of people to flee the area. Many have returned in the 10 years since but (more…)

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Cheetah the best sprinter on earth

The fastest cheetah on Earth has done it again, breaking her previous world record for the 100-meter dash and setting a new best time of 5.95 seconds. This feat surpasses the fastest of all human 100-meter sprinters by almost four seconds. Usain Bolt, a Jamaican sprinter now competing at the 2012 London Olympics, holds the human world record at 9.58 seconds in the (more…)

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Man blacklisted from ‘all you can eat’ restaurant for eating too much

In an incident in China, an all-you-can-eat restaurant owner banned a man from eating too much after accusing him of overindulging. Food live-streamer Mr. Kang was recently banned from the Handadi Seafood BBQ Buffet in Changsha, central China, after eating an excessive amount of food at the venue, the BBC reported. He ate 1.5kg of pork trotters during his first visit and 3.5kg to 4kg of prawns on another visit, he (more…)

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Couple sails to wedding venue in large cooking pot

Akash and Aishwarya both healthcare workers, hails from southern India were determined not to miss their big day in the village of Thalavady in Kerala state on Monday. Heavy rainfall in Kerala has caused serious flooding and deadly landslides. Rivers have overflowed and bridges and roads have been swept away - in some cases entire towns and (more…)

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Actor Baldwin fires prop gun on movie set killed one, injured another on

Incident takes place in southern state of New Mexico, says US media United States actor Alec Baldwin discharged a “prop firearm” on a movie set, killing the director of photography for the film he was working on and wounding its director, the US media reported on Thursday evening. Quoting Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office in the southern state of New Mexico, the media reported cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, 42, and film director Joel Souza, 48, were shot with a prop gun (more…)

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Kourtney Kardashian, Travis Barker are engaged!

There’s another wedding in the Kardashian family and this time around, it’s none other than Kourtney Kardashian who has just gotten engaged to Travis Barker. Yes, it’s true! Kourtney Kardashian took to Instagram to share the news that she is now engaged to Travis Barker. Taking to Instagram, Kourtney Kardashian shared a photo of herself with Travis Barker as they posed by the (more…)

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Dhaka Dream has been released

'Dhaka Dream', directed by Prasoon Rahman, was released in six cinema halls nationwide yesterday. The filming of “Dhaka Dream” started during the recording of the song “Ekdin Amaro Chilo Ghor” In 2016. That was the last song recorded by famous folk singer Bari Siddiqui. Due to some constraints, the film took five years to (more…)

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Movie Rehana Maryam Noor headed to Oscars this year

Director Abdullah Mohammad Saad's second directorial effort "Rehana Maryam Noor" is set to be Bangladesh's only submission to the 94th Academy Awards this year. "Rehana Maryam Noor" created immense buzz as the first Bangladeshi film to be selected for the Un Certain Regard section of the Cannes FIlm Festival. Now, it is set to be submitted at the 94th Academy (more…)

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Asaduzzaman Noor tests positive for COVID-19, the actor had earlier tested positive in December 2020

Veteran actor and lawmaker Asaduzzaman Noor has been admitted to a hospital after being diagnosed with Covid-19. This is the second time that the actor has been infected with the coronavirus disease. The news was confirmed to media by Ghulam Kuddus, president of cultural organisation Sammilito Sangskritik Jote. "Asaduzzaman Noor bhai's covid result (more…)

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Mim reaches in-laws’ house on helicopter

Lux channel i superstar actress Vidya Sinha Mim arrived at her in-law's residence in Cumilla, on a helicopter. The actress went there on Friday morning, landing on the Cumilla city's Eidgah field. Mim was engaged to Soni Poddar, a banker by profession, on November 10. The couple tied the knot on January 4, after six years of acquaintance. The actress also revealed that the newly (more…)

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Three keys to a flat tummy

Exercise, diet and cosmetics are your best allies if you want to beat that belly Many of us battle with extra kilos that seem to head straight for the tummy area, but if you want to turn a fat belly into a flat belly, there are three key elements to focus on:?? Exercise? Abdominal toning exercises – more commonly known as sit ups or crunches – are one of the most popular techniques for achieving a flat stomach. Sadly, though, the (more…)

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Shocking sex facts revealed

Can high heels affect a woman's orgasm? Why is emotional connect as important to women as reaching orgasm? Is coffee more important than sex in the morning? Is sex addiction worse than drugs or booze? Can kissing help you find the right partner? Shocking sex facts revealed Wearing high heels can negatively affect a woman's orgasm, a study has revealed. Dr Eden Fromberg and Naomi (more…)

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Nino Cerruti : Italian fashion great dies at 91

The Italian fashion designer and entrepreneur Nino Cerruti died in the hospital in Vercelli, where he was hospitalized for hip surgery. He was 91 years old, Italian media reported. Descendant of a family of textile industrialists from Biella, he was one of the great protagonists of fashion of the last century and is credited with revolutionising men's ready-t-wear fashion in the 1960s. He also gave designer Giorgio Armani his first fashion break. Later (more…)

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Nasum, Shoriful seal Ctg win over Dhaka

Nasum Ahmed’s economic bowling and a four-wicket haul from Shoriful Islam helped Chattogram Challengers to a 30-run win over Minister Group Dhaka in their Bangladesh Premier League match at the Sher-e-Bangla National Stadium on Saturday. Nasum took 3-9 while Shoriful bagged 4-34 to bundle out Dhaka for (more…)

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Priyanka and Nick are parents via surrogacy

Global icon Priyanka Chopra and Hollywood star Nick Jonas have become parents and welcomed a baby girl. The couple made the announcement on social media. The couple announced the news through their official Instagram account. The new parents are yet to disclose the gender of the baby, but the news portal Page Six has confirmed that it's a girl. "We are overjoyed to confirm that we have (more…)

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Sonu Nigam tests positive for Covid-19

Popular Indian playback singer Sonu Nigam, on January 4, announced on social media that he has tested positive for Covid-19, along with his wife, son, and sister-in-law. Sonu is currently in Dubai with his family. He was supposed to go to Bhubaneshwar for a show's shoot which he won't be attending now, as he is in quarantine. He also said that (more…)

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Life Style

Shocking sex facts revealed

Can high heels affect a woman's orgasm? Why is emotional connect as important to women as reaching orgasm? Is coffee more important than sex in the morning? Is sex addiction worse than drugs or booze? Can kissing help you find the right partner? Shocking sex facts revealed Wearing high heels can negatively affect a woman's orgasm, a study has revealed. Dr Eden Fromberg and Naomi (more…)

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Sleeping beauty

Your beauty routine needn't stop when you go to bed Do you know just how much the hours of sleep can contribute to your beauty regime? We're all aware that sleeping well is essential for both physical and mental health and well-being, but good nocturnal cosmetic habits are also important. So if you want to rise and shine and greet the morning with radiant skin, take a look at our recommendations: The importance of cleansing Before bed, a thorough cleansing routine is essential to clean the skin and leave it free of all traces of make up and (more…)

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Art & Culture

Solo exhibition ‘Onneshon’ underway at EMK centre

Artiste Suborna Morsheada's solo exhibition "Onneshon" is underway at Capital's EMK Centre, featuring 31 artworks which was inaugurated on Saturday (15 January) on EMK Centre's premises. The inaugural ceremony was graced by Professor Jamal Ahmed (Faculty of Fine Art), along with special guests Professor Anisuzzaman (Graphics department), Asif Uddin Ahmed and Tawhida Shiropa, acting (more…)

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Fakir Lalon Shah’s death anniv today

Today is the 131st anniversary of death of legendary mystic bard Fakir Lalon Shah, who had secured a unique position in the history of traditional music for his humanitarian songs, blending philosophies of different devotional traditions such as Sahajia Buddhism, Sahajia Vaishnavism, Sufism and others. Lalon died on the first day of the Bangla month of Kartik in 1297, which was October 17, 1890 according to the (more…)

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Celebrating World Samosa Day

September 5 is celebrated as World Samosa Day and the day is solely dedicated to the crunchy oily snack. Be it rains or winter or summer, samosas are our savour. For those unaccustomed to the humble street food item, it’s a triangular-shaped pastry that comes with a range of fillings. Different parts of the world have their iteration of the snack – from samboosa to sambusek – while samosa is the version enjoyed in (more…)

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BRAC University: The World Champions

On January 3, members of 400 participating teams along with distinguished guests gathered at the Main Hall of Technische University, Berlin. Thousands if not millions watched the live feed online, from all around the world, eagerly and anxiously waiting for an announcement, the results of the World Universities Debating Championship 2013(WUDC 2013). The tournament is dubbed as the World Cup of debating and it is also considered as the largest (more…)

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Other Headlines

RU, CU postpones in-person classes for 2 weeks

The authorities of Rajshahi University and Chittagong University have postponed in-person classes for the next two weeks following the government's decision to keep educational institutions closed till February 6 amid sharp rise in Covid-19 transmission. The two universities issued separate notifications in this regard (more…)

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DU suspends in-person academic activities till Feb 6, halls remain open

Authorities of DU today decided to hold academic activities including classes and examinations virtually for next two weeks Dhaka University authorities on Friday decided to suspend all kinds of in-person academic activities from January 21 to February 6 following the announcement of Bangladesh government on closure of educational institutions between today and February 6 to contain the spread of Covid infection. On Friday noon, a press release confirmed this matter signed by Dhaka (more…)

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Actress Shimu strangled to death

Film actress Raima Islam Shimu, whose body was found in a sack near the Hazratpur bridge at Keraniganj in Dhaka Monday morning, was strangulated to death Sunday morning, according to primary forensic reports. Raima’s husband Shakhawat Ali Nobel and his friend SMY Abdullah Farhad were remanded in police custody on Tuesday over the murder incident after they had been (more…)

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Husband confessed killing of actress Shimu over conjugal discord: Police

Shakhawat Ali Noble has admitted to killing her wife actress Raima Islam Shimu following domestic quarrel, according to police. Keraniganj Model Police Station Inspector (Investigation), Kazi Ramjanul Haque, told media that during primary interrogation, Shakhawat confessed that he killed his (more…)

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Draw against India in SAFF boost for Bangladesh

Bangladesh national football team is beaming with confidence after their morale-boosting 1-1 draw against tournament favourites India in their 2021 SAFF Championship league phase match at the National Football Stadium in Maldives, Male on Monday. The draw was even sweeter for Oscar Bruzon’s charges (more…)

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10-man Bangladesh hold India to a draw

10-man Bangladesh snatched a point against tournament favourites India as their group phase match of the SAFF Championship ended in a 1-1 draw at the Male National Football Stadium in Maldives on Monday. India captain Sunil Chhetri gave Indians the lead in the 26th minute and Bangladesh’s dreams of bouncing back into the contest got slimmer when their defender (more…)

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Nasum, Shoriful seal Ctg win over Dhaka

Nasum Ahmed’s economic bowling and a four-wicket haul from Shoriful Islam helped Chattogram Challengers to a 30-run win over Minister Group Dhaka in their Bangladesh Premier League match at the Sher-e-Bangla National Stadium on Saturday. Nasum took 3-9 while Shoriful bagged 4-34 to bundle out Dhaka for (more…)

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Comilla edge past Sylhet in a low-scoring encounter

Star studded Comilla Victorians barely edged past Sylhet Sunrisers in a low-scoring encounter, winning by two wickets while chasing 97 runs in both sides opening match in the Bangladesh Premier League on Saturday. The Sylhet bowlers forced Comilla to bat till 18.4 overs to chase the puny target on an exceedingly slow track at the Sher-e-Bangla National Stadium (more…)

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Nayak Raj Razzak’s birth anniversary today

Today is the 80th anniversary of the birth of the late legendary actor Abdur Razzak. The beloved actor known as ‘Nayak Raj’ to the country’s film enthusiasts, was born as Abdur Razzak on January 23, 1942 at Nagtola in Taliganj of Kolkata. He acted in different characters in Kolkata-based film industry before migrating to Dhaka in 1964 (more…)

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This time Pori Moni participating in Bangladesh Film Artistes’ Association elections

Popular actress Pori Moni is taking part in the election of Bangladesh Film Artists Association, to be held on January 28. The star has signed on as a candidate of Ilias Kanchan and Nipun's panel for the election. The matter has been confirmed by Simon Sadiq, a candidate for the post of joint secretary of the same panel. He said, "I picked up the nomination form for her on Monday with the permission of (more…)

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