5 years jail for hacking into wife’s email account?

December 29, 2010

AN American man could spend five years in jail for snooping on his wife’s emails.
IT technician Leon Walker, 33, ­suspected wife Clara, now his ex, was having an affair after finding she had made phone calls to her allegedly ­violent former husband.
He said concern for the ­welfare of their one-year-old daughter made him log on to his ex’s personal Gmail account from their shared laptop at home in Michigan.
He says his snooping confirmed his suspicions, but he is being prosecuted under an internet law to stop trade secrets and identities being stolen.
“Clara kept a copy of all her ­passwords next to her computer in her address book,” he told NBC TV.
“I felt with the risk to my daughter and stepson I had an obligation to check.” But prosecutors brand Walker a “skilled hacker” who downloaded in a “contentious way”.
His ex claims he also installed a device allowing him to track her email activity. He faces trial in February.


Via: express.co.uk                                                                   Image: graur razvan ionut/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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