Man forces lover to wear chastity belt

December 5, 2011

A 29-year-old man from China has forced his girlfriend to wear a chastity belt.
Events leading to her wearing the chastity belt began in August when the man, surnamed He, suspected that his live-in lover, known only as Xiao Tian, was seeing another man.
He assaulted Xiao Tian and locked her in the bedroom.
The next day, He bought a chastity belt on the Internet and ordered his girlfriend, born in 1990s, to wear it to work daily.
When Xiao Tian returned home at night, He checked the chastity belt carefully.
He was furious when he found signs of prying on the belt and started assaulting the girl.
He tied up her hands and legs, and locked her up until Xiao Tian almost broke down mentally.
On Aug 23, when He was out, Xiao Tian managed to loosen the rope that was used to tie her hands.
She wrote a “help note” and threw it out of the window.
Police rushed to Xiao Tian’s rescue and arrested He on the spot.
He was convicted of illegal confinement of the girlfriend and was sentenced to seven months’ jail by Qingyang District People’s Court in Chengdu recently.

-With Agencies/ input

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