Bikinis banned on Barcelona streets

May 1, 2011

Local officials passed a law that prohibits partial and complete nudity in public in Barcelona, after concerns that uncovered tourists are increasingly becoming a sore sight on the streets of the city.
Due to its proximity to the beach, authorities are worried by the number of people that walk straight into historical and residential areas without bothering to dress properly, which might be damaging to the local tourism industry. The new legislation was passed after concerns that too many local and foreign tourists fail to find the boundary between the beach and the city appear to be valid.
The new law will now allow police to fine anyone without proper clothing in areas outside the beach up to €300. Similarly, the law provides provision for fine of up to €500 for public nudity in areas outside the designated nudist beach. However, first time offenders will not be fined and will be asked to cover up properly instead.


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