Big boobs and slender backs make British women most shapely in world

June 14, 2010
British women have bigger boobs but more slender backs than their counterparts around the globe, making them the shapeliest specimens on the planet.
That’s according to the Bra Usage and Attitude Study carried out by lingerie giant Triumph, which reveals that the average British woman’s chest and hips are now 4cm (1½ins) bigger than the 1950s average.
In the UK, the best-selling bra cup-size is a DD, while the most common underbra size – that’s the measurement around the ribcage – is 34 inches.
Germany and Italy average a bra size of 38B, while French ladies boast a 36B bust on average.
In Japan and China, 34B is the average.
Other body-themed findings from the study include the fact that the average woman’s height is now 5ft 5ins and her weight is 10st 3lb.
Half of Brits still find the hourglass body shape the most attractive, and more than three quarters of British women reckon having a beautiful bust is important.

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