Zeenat Rehana launches three albums

July 4, 2011

A children’s delight
Zeenat Rehana launches three albums
Singer Zeenat Rahana’s albums “Sa Re Ga Ma” and “Hashi Khushi” for children and an adhunik song album “Kanthey Nilem Gaan” were launched recently.
Under the banner of Impress Audio Vision Limited, the album “Sa Re Ga Ma” contains 10 educational songs– “Gaan Shikhbey Agey Tobey”, “Sokal Sokale Ghumaay Jara”, “Shey Ak Mojar Khela”, “Janmodin Shuvo Janmodin”, “E Desh Ke Ami Ki Jey Bhalobashi” and others while Fahim Music has launched “Hashi Khushi”. The album also contains 10 songs–“Nutun Bochhor Notun Class-e”, “Hashi Khushi Ananda”, “Jhorna Ami”, “Aami Nadi”, “Borsha Elo”, “Bangla Bashay Ja Boli” and several others for children.
Under the banner of Fahim Music, the album “Kanthey Nilem Gaan” features eight songs –“Aami Sandhyar Raag”, “Kono Ek Tara Bhora Raat-e”, “Ek Poloker Jonno Ami”, “Ekbar Shudhu Tajmoholer”, “Prem Aami Cheyechhi” and more.
Noted lyricist Zebun Nessa Jamal, Rehana’s mother, penned the songs for the albums “Sa Re Ga Ma” and “Hashi Khushi”. Music is composed by Alauddin Ali, Anjuman Ara Begum, Azad Rahman and Habibul Alam Khan. The tunes for “Hashi Khushi” are composed by Habibul Alam Khan.
Zebun Nessa Jamal, an outstanding lyricist of Bangladesh received the Nagendranath gold medal for Bengali literature from Calcutta University. Her accomplishment in writing songs for children is visible in her book “Jadur Pencil” (The Magical Pencil) which contains 56 educational songs for young ones. She would often say that she stepped into a child’s shoes when she wrote children’s songs as she believed in the dictum, “A person never grows old if one keeps a child in his heart”.
All the songs of the book are written with simple lyrics with the objective of offering fun, education, motivation and stimulating the intellectual curiosity of children.
“As the daughter of Zebun-Nessa Jamal, I have been contributing in the arena of Bangladeshi music for more than 40 years. I have taken the humble initiative to tune, compose and record 20 selected songs from the book ‘Jadur Pencil’,” Rehana said.
“We have programmes for children on television and radio where children present songs which are not suitable for them and they are criticised on this score. This saddens me. I have therefor taken the initiative to record songs suitable for children,” the artiste added.
One of the producers and directors of Los Angeles based Bangla TV Shaheed Islam wrote songs for Zeenat’s adhunik song album “Kanthey Nilem Gaan”. Los Angeles- based Bangladeshi musician Kazi Nazir Ahmed Hasib composed tunes for the album.
Khayam Ahmed arranged music for the three albums.


Courtesy of The Daily Star

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