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August 4, 2011

Popular TV actress Tarin is simultaneously expert in singingand dancing besides acting. During her early age Tarin became champion innational children talent hunt contest ‘Notun Kuri’. Later she continued actingand dancing. But her singing career was limited in only homely environment. Tokeep requests from her friends Tarin is going to launch her debut solo musicalalbum in the upcoming Eid festival.
Title name of her debut album is ‘Akash Kake Debo?’ With theinspiration from her family members and friends she started work for the albumlast year. Recently she completed recording of all the tracks of the album.
Once she got training in classical music from Ustad HasanIkram Ullah. After taking decision to release the album she again startedtraining in classical music. After 14 years she again concentrate on learningmusic.
There will be 10 tracks in the album where four will be duettracks. In four duet tracks, Raghab and Rupankar of Kolkata and Ibrar Tipu andTapan Chowdhury of Bangladesh gave their vocals with Tarin. Joy Sarkar andRupankar of Kolkata and Bappa Mazumder, Ibrar Tipu and Belal Khan composedmusic of the album.
All the tracks are based on different themes. Mind,suffering, rain, hope, pain, sky, request, mother and others are the elementsof the themes of the album, said Tarin.
While sharing her feelings about the album Tarin told thiscorrespondent, “I have coordinated the album with different mood andarrangement. Each track has each story. Four music composers worked for thecomposition of the tunes of those tracks. Listeners choose sad and tragedysongs. From that point of view, I gave priority on that type of songs in myalbum.”
“Rendering song is a patience work where devotion isnecessary to make it successful. For this reason, I have taken long time torelease the album. I hope it will be a good one and hope listeners will enjoythe tracks of the album,” said Tarin.

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