Banglalink launches folk album Shomorpon today

August 8, 2011

Shomorpon, a folk music album featuring Habib, Aurthohin and Warfaze, will be released on Banglalink Music Station 5858 today.
It is the first album in which these three renowned modern musicians (Habib Wahid, Warfaze and Aurthohin) have been brought together to cover the songs of legendary Bengali folk icons Fakir Lalon Shah, Hason Raja and Baul Shah Abdul Karim.
The physical album will be released before Eid.
This was disclosed at the press conference on the album held in the city recently.
Solaiman Alam, head of PR and communications and mobile financial services of Banglalink, Rashed Hasan, head of marketing operations, Banglalink, Tanveer Chowdhury, CEO of Deadline Music and members of Aurthohin and Warfaze were present at the press conference.
It is an initiative to uphold and promote the local culture and heritage of Bangladesh to the younger generation, said Solaiman Alam.
He said, “Music is the best medium in Bangladeshi culture to communicate with the youths across the nation. Band music is the most popular stream for the youth in our culture and it has truly made a difference in the lives of Bangladeshi youths over the past few decades. Shomorpon is another step forward for Banglalink to make a difference in our rich culture and heritage.”
The album contains seven songs of the folk legends. They are Arshi Nagor, Khachar Vetor and Jat Gelo by Warfaze; Keno Piriti Baraila Re Bondhu by Habib and Matiro Pinjira, Loke Bole Bole Re, Akdin Tor Hoibore Moron by Aurthohin.
Banglalink has supported music-based entertainment for the youths of the country on various occasions, the sole purpose of which is to recognise and support the dynamic and diverse music culture of Bangladesh.

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