142 new audio albums this Eid

September 19, 2009

One hundred forty-two new solo, duet and mixed audio albums will be released by nine audio production houses on the occasion of upcoming Eid-ul-Fitr.
The albums of both newcomers and noted singers are in the line during the festival.
Production house Sangeeta will release 40 new albums, Soundtek 30, Fahim Music 20, Basuda Arb Entertainment 17, G-series 15, Laser Vision 8, Gaanchil 7, Bengal Music 3 and Ektaar 2.
Sangeeta’s release includes ‘Salaam namaskar’ by Andrew Kishore, ‘X factor’ by Tishma, ‘Premer utsab’ by Bari Siddiqui, mixed album ‘Pencil e anka chobi-2’ in which newcomers will perform, and another mixed album ‘Aito prem’ by Habib, Nancy and others.
Audio production Soundtek will release 30 new audio albums, 15 of them in cassettes while the rest will in compact disks. The albums include ‘Mone rekho moray’ by legendary singer Ferdousi Rahman, Biplab and Hasan’s duet ‘Sweetie’, Asif’s solo ‘Jabab dao’, Doli Shayontoni’s ‘Radha’, and a mixed album of Mitali Mukherjee, Andrew Kishore and Doli Shayontoni.
Music production house Fahim will bring out 20 new titles for the festival. Among them are ‘Purush maney debdas?’, a solo by Biplab, ‘Meghe meghe’, a mixed album by Anusheh, Chandana Majumder, Mithila, Raaga and Nirjhor, and ‘Chan mukhe madhur hashi’ by Shandipan.
Entertainment house Basuda Arb Entertainment will release 17 new albums including Subir Nandy’s solo ‘Chander ghari’, Asif’s solo ‘Pani nai chokey’, Abida Sultana’s solo ‘Antorey bairagi’ and a mixed album performed by Chandana Majumdar, Bari Siddiqui, Mamtaz, Asif and Fazlur Rahman Babu.
G-series and its sister concern Agnibeena will together bring out 15 new albums for the listeners. The releases include ‘Akhono ami’, a duet album by Sumon and Anila, ‘Redefine’, a solo by Mila, ‘Se ke’ by Tapu, ‘Bappa with Rockers’, a mixed album performed by Bappa, Sumon, Fuad and Arnab.
Laser Vision will release eight new tracks including audio songs of the film ‘Namuna’ directed by Enamul Karim Nirjhor. ‘Street singer’ by Pritom, ‘Bolo na’ by Hridoy Khan are also in the list.
Music production house Gaanchil’s Eid release are Nakib Khan’s solo album ‘Bristir Rat’, Kumar Biswajit’s ‘Premer manush gumaile cheye thake’, duet album ‘Antaheen’ by Anil and Mahadi and a mixed album ‘Elshe gurir din’ by artistes of TV talent show Khudhe Gaanraj.
Bengal Music will bring out three new albums including mixed album ‘Charki’, and two solo albums of Arnab and Gourab.
Production house Ektaar will release two new albums for the listeners on the occasion of Eid. They are ‘Ekjana’, a solo by Shahjahan Munshi, and ‘Premanjali’, a mixed album by Pantho Kanai, Baghi, Chaity and Priyanka.

Courtesy of NewAgebd

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