Selim shares Eid schedule

August 15, 2012

Popular actor-director Shahiduzzaman Selim will direct a TV play and will also appear in lead roles in four plays to be aired on different TV channels during the Eid special programmes.
Sharing his Eid offers Selim told New Age that he was directing a comedy titled Chor Elo Mor Ghorey. Besides acting in the comedy, the versatile actor will appear in Batase Muktir Ghran, Freedom and Sab Badha Periye.
‘I’m directing and acting in the single episode play Chor Elo Mor Ghorey, written by Litu Sakhawat. The comedy features a thief, who enters into a house to steal mobile phone sets. Subsequently, many funny incidents arise among the family members and the thief. The play will be aired on Desh TV,’ Selim told New Age.
Selim further informed that he acted in two plays directed by Alvi Ahmed. ‘In Batase Muktir Ghran, to be aired on Channel 24, I’m playing the lead role of a film director. Sadia Islam Mou is my co-actor in the play. In Alvi’s another play Freedom, I’m playing the character of a salesman, who deals with many hurdles to survive in the society. Film actress Shashi is my co-actor in the play, which will be aired on Maasranga TV.’
Selim will be appeared as a responsible father of a teen-aged boy in the play Sab Badha Periye, directed by Rashed Raha. ‘The play deals with the degeneration of the youth, who are influenced by the misuse of information technology. The story focuses on the family bondage and a derailed boy, who finally gets back to a normal life,’ Selim said.
While the high profile actors of small screen are overloaded with two-digit numbers of projects, popular actor Shahiduzzaman Selim is working only in a few productions. Explaining the reason Selim said, ‘Quality is more important to me than quantity. If I simultaneously work for many productions, I can’t provide quality works.’
The regular actor of small screen Shahiduzzaman Selim has been entertaining the audiences with both mega serials and single-episode productions. Besides, he is also an accredited director and has provided the industry with hit serials like Sporsher Baire, Rangchhut and others.
Directed by Selim, a mega serial, Detective Branch, will be aired soon for the viewers. ‘It is a thriller series and every week the audience will find a new story, which will continue for five days in a week. We have already finished shooting of 44 episodes. If everything remains positive, I want to run the series above 500 episodes,’ Selim told New Age.

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