My mother makes an amazing vermicelli dessert: Bonnya Mirza

July 17, 2015

My mother makes an amazing vermicelli dessert- Bonnya MirzaBonnya Mirza is one of the most familiar faces on television in Bangladesh. In a conversation with The Daily Star, she spoke about Eid shopping, celebrations, cooking and more. Excerpts:
How do you celebrate Eid?
Bonnya Mirza: I usually spend the day with my parents.
My Eid is incomplete without them.
Do you cook on Eid day?
Bonnya Mirza: Since I am not a great cook, I let my mother and sisters handle that part.
What are your favourite Eid delicacies?
Bonnya Mirza: My mother makes an amazing vermicelli dessert. It’s one of the dishes I eagerly await at Eid.
What makeup do you wear on Eid day?
Bonnya Mirza: I prefer to go for a natural look.
Who does the Eid shopping?
Bonnya Mirza: My youngest sister shops for the family. Normally, I avoid shopping malls due to the crazy rush.
What excites you most about Eid?
Bonnya Mirza: My cousins and I have great fun at my home during Eid vacations.
Do you visit your hometown on Eid holidays?
Bonnya Mirza: Since my parents are based in Dhaka, we haven’t visited Kushtia for years. But I still miss my childhood Eid celebrations in Kushtia.

-With The Daily Star input

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