Jaya Ahsan returns after shooting in Kolkata

April 22, 2012

A decade has passed since Jaya Ahsan’s emergence, during which she has turned her journey into a success story only a few artistes can emulate. Be it TV plays, modeling or movies — Jaya came, saw and conquered all with her extraordinary abilities.
The talented actress recently returned from Kolkata after shooting for the West Bengal film “Aborto”.
Jaya talked about the movie, her experiences in Kolkata and also about her new projects:
Please share with us your experiences in Kolkata.
Jaya: I had a great time. I didn’t feel for a moment that I was working in unfamiliar territories: though location is different, the language is the same. The social structure and the characters are similar, so I did not have any problem working there. I’m extremely happy with the work and enjoyed it thoroughly. I was amazed by the level of professionalism and dedication.
What are the differences in terms of professionalism?
Jaya: The professionalism in the Kolkata movie industry right now is on a very high level, which is not the case in our country. After seeing their dedication, I felt like if such professionalism existed here, we could have made better films.
Tell us about the director.
Jaya: The director Arindam Shil is an actor himself. He was very dedicated to his job and gave importance to every detail. He brought out the best from all of us. He is a true professional. I never felt that it was my first work with him.
What happened on the first day of shooting?
Jaya: I had a scene with Abir Chatterjee — famous for his performance in “Kahaani”. The scene went well.
What is your character in the film like?
Jaya: I play the role of Charu, who has two sides to her life. One is at her home in North Kolkata, while the other is her corporate life. This is basically a story about relationships. A very Bengali character — Charu is an introvert; conservative, but a modern woman.
Where was “Aborto” shot?
Jaya: Mostly in Kolkata. We shot some scenes at the Tolley Club, some near the banks of the Ganga. Shots were also taken at places called Rupoham, Rajar Haat; along with shooting sessions in both North and South Kolkata.
Did you have any difficulty with the dialogues?
Jaya: Some. For example, we usually say “basha-e jabo”, but over there people say “bari jabo”. They call water “jol” instead of “paani”. Minor difficulties here and there, but none that cannot be overcome.
When will the film be released?
Jaya: The movie is likely to be released by August or September. Its release will be this year for certain.
You must have had talks with local directors about your next movie?
Jaya: I’ve talked with many, but I don’t want to finalise anything before the release of “Aborto”. There are also offers to work in commercial films. But I want to be a bit more careful in choosing my work. First I would like to see the result of “Aborto”.
How did you spend your time in Kolkata, when you were not shooting?
Jaya: Sometimes I went to see other shootings when I had a break. Sometimes I preferred a good rest. I also went to the movie theatres and did some shopping.

Courtesy of The Daily Star

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