Ishita to star in Roopkotha

September 24, 2011

TV serial “Roopkotha” is being aired on ntv. So far Naushaba has enacted the protagonist. After the 30th episode, popular actress Ishita has taken over the role.
Ishita said that she loved doing the role of a theatre activist in the serial. “Roopkotha” is about a village belle who dreams of coming to the town and work in the media. As luck favours her, she gets the opportunity to work in a serial. But for some unknown reason she is abruptly dropped from the character and is perplexed at the overall situation.
“The story has a different angle which makes it interesting,” said Ishita. “I am sure the audience will like it as much,” she added. “Aranya Anwar is the director of the serial; I have done quite a few quality TV plays under his direction,” said the actress.

-With The Daily Star input

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