Dancer Munmun explores acting

October 8, 2010

Dancing means very much to her and she loves it more than everything else. Munmun Ahmed, an established Kathak dancer, who has achieved this position after years of learning, hard work and perseverance, has been showing a keen interest in acting in dramas and films alongside her dancer career nowadays.
Munmun is playing the role of a landlord’s wife in Humayun Ahmed’s upcoming film ‘Ghetu Putra Kamola‘. Noted actor Tareque Anam Khan will be playing the role of the landlord. Shooting for the film is likely to b start from this month.
Not that she is appearing in dramas and films only in the recent years; she has acted in plays in the 1980s and worked with several noted directors including Atiqul Haque Chowdhury and Abu Taher. She has acted in popular TV plays like ‘Shahajadir Kalo Nekab‘ ‘Isha Kha‘ and folktale based drama serial ‘Hiramon‘ in Bangladesh Television (BTV).
Besides, she is a regular performer in radio plays for Bangladesh Betar.
However, she always gives priority to her dance. ‘From the time of my birth, it was my mother’s dream that I learn to dance. So I started learning Kathak; as we like to call it, a dance of storytellers,’ said Munmun. Born on December 27, 1966, Munmun began dancing at the age of three. Her first instructor was Azhar Khan at Azimpur Ladies Club. In 1978, she started taking tutelage in katthak from Syed Abul Kalam. ‘Kathak attracted me because it is such a breath-taking, spell-binding form of art.
At her Rewaz Performers School, she strives to instil this passion in her students, both young and old. For over a decade, she has been trying to equip her students not only with dance skills, but also with the mental capability to face the challenges of life with equanimity. She is planning to hold a workshop on dance in December as a part of the regular initiatives she takes for her students twice a year. ‘This time the workshop will take around 10 days with nearly seventy students,’ said the danseuse.
This deep involvement with dance is one reason Munmun cannot be more frequent in acting. ‘I could have perform more in the plays and in films, but the fact is I don’t have much time for it,’ Munmun admitted.


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