Busy actor Mosharraf Karim

October 31, 2010

Undoubtedly, he is one of the busiest small screen actors these days. He has won the hearts of audience playing diverse roles in TV plays. Mosharraf Karim, who has a strong theatre background, has also proved his potential as an actor in cinema.
Besides his busy schedule for several TV plays, Karim is equally busy in films these days. He has played a lead role in Mohammad Mustafa Kamal Raz’s upcoming debut film ‘Projapoti’, which will be released in December. And he will also play the lead role in Iftekhar Ahmed Fahmi’s debut film ‘To Be Continued’.
‘The story of ‘To Be Continued’ starts with a young man meeting a girl,’ said Mosharraf in an interview with New Age on Wednesday, ‘they talk for a while, have good impressions on each other and the boy promises the girl that he will phone her that night. The girl waits for his call but the boy does not phone.’
‘However, when they have a chance encounter again, the boy tells the girl that he will meet her the day after. This time again, he does not show up. The story takes a new turn when they meet again after six months.’ he continued. Be it a film or a TV play, Mosharraf always puts emphasis on understanding the character he performs.
This is what enables him to be easily absorbed in diversified characters, a key to his success. He is also very keen not to play same kind of roles again and again.
‘Throughout my career, I have performed in negative characters, satirical characters, comic characters, psychological characters and so on,’ Mosharraf said. ‘I strongly believe that an actor should be able to perform in a variety of characters to be an actor in the real sense of the word,’ he added.
Mosharraf had his orientation in acting with theatre. A familiar face in school theatre, he joined the theatre troupe Natyakendra in 1986. After more than a decade, he appeared on the small screen for the first time in a single-episode play titled ‘Atithi’ directed by Ferdous Hasan in 1999 on Channel i.
‘I never took acting that seriously till 2004, when huge response from the audience for the telefilm ‘Keram’ was something that made me think otherwise.
The telefilm played a crucial role in introducing me to the audience as an actor, thus increasing my responsibility’, said Mosharraf who later came up with another hit drama serial ‘420’ directed by Mostafa Sarwar Farooki.
Moshrarraf also has a passion for writing. He has written a song ‘Tor shongey shokal dupur’ some days back, which will be used in a film. A
single-episode play titled ‘Hello’, written by him, went on air on a private channel on the occasion of last Eid.


Via: NewAge

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