An unrecognisable Zahid Hasan

September 11, 2011

Any Bangladeshi who watches TV knows actor Zahid Hasan, but on September 9 the actor was seemingly unrecognisable.
Hasan, in bright orange panjabi and white lungi, was shooting for a play “Benefit of Doubt”. Though he was surrounded by an enthusiastic crowd or onlookers, apart from the director and the crew no one seemed to recognise Hasan. Why? Hasan had put on fake teeth that had drastically changes his visage. Once the fake teeth came off, the crowd instantly recognised him.
The play, shot at Pubail village in Gazipur, reunited Hasan with model-actress Monalisa. Before this Hasan and Monalisa had worked together in Hanif Sanket’s “Putrodaye”.

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