Abul Hayat casts daughter, son-in-law in Eid teleplay

July 10, 2015

Abul Hayat casts daughter, son-in-law in Eid teleplayActor-director Abul Hayat has cast Bipasha Hayat and Tauquir Ahmed in his teleplay Sonali Danar Chil which is scheduled to be aired on Channel-i during the Eid festival. Bipasha and Tauqir, real-life daughter and son-in-law of Hayat, have performed alongside each other in many teleplays and drama series directed by Abul Hayat since he debuted as a director in 1996 through teleplay Harjit. ‘They performed in more plays directed by me before marriage than after,’ Abul Hayat told New Age. ‘I picked them up for this drama as they fit the character descriptions. We have a professional relationship on the set.’
Sonali Danar Chil, also written by Hayat, follows a woman troubled by the apparent contrast between the way she had imagined her husband to be before marriage and the way she discovered him post-marriage.
Hayat said he picked Richi Solaiman and Intekhab Dinar in the lead roles of his another Eid teleplay titled Malinar Ek Ratri, written by Syed Manzoorul Islam and scheduled to be aired on ATN Bangla in the Eid festival.
Earlier, Tauquir and Bipasha performed in Hayat’s teleplays such as Beli, Pratyasha and Ekjan Aparadhini and a number of drama series including Dola and HasulI.
Bipasha said she enjoys working in her father’s plays alongside her real-life husband since both of them take their work professionally. ‘Abul Hayat as a director and Abul Hayat as my father are completely different persons,’ she said.
‘As for Tauquir and I, we understand the difference between our family life and professional life. As a result, we work professionally even when we are aware of our personal bond, which results in even better productions,’ she added.

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