A Grounded Actress

March 5, 2011

Tête-à-tête with Bidya Sinha Mim
Bidya Sinha Mim stepped into showbiz when she won the Lux-Channel i Superstar title in 2007. Immediately, she was recruited as a lead actress in Humayun Ahmed’s feature film, “Amar Achhe Jol”.
“My dreams came true when I won the ‘Superstar’ title and had a remarkable opportunity to work with Humayun Ahmed,” recalls Mim.
Asked about her dreams and aspirations, she remarks: “An artiste’s dreams don’t always come true. Moreover, I’m relatively new to showbiz. Nevertheless, I’m quite content with my achievements in the course of my brief career. For example, I read and was, sort of, carried away by Jibanananda Das’ poem, ‘Banalta Sen’ when I was in class seven. Now that the short poem has been stretched into a drama, I have been cast for the title role which is really exciting for me.”
What are the differences between the poem and the play? “Actually, the play is inspired by the poem. The writer and director revealed their imagination superbly,” responds Mim.”
Commenting on her experience of performing in the drama, she said, “Banalata Sen, the role I play, is a girl from a lower middle class family, who makes a living through thread and needle. So I had to get a makeover that fitted the role. The whole thing was a challenge for me.”
About her appearance in feature films, Mim said: “After ‘Amar Achhe Jol’, I worked in ‘Amar Praner Priya’, which became a huge success. I want to work in feature films and TV plays simultaneously. I will, nevertheless, be selective.”
Mim watches her plays whenever she gets the time and opportunity and believes that she will do better in the future. She dreams of creating a stronghold in showbiz.


Courtesy of The Daily Star

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