Samsung Galaxy Y top selling entry level smart phone: research

September 4, 2012

The handset usage trend in Bangladesh has taken a sharp turn as users are getting more inclined to using smartphones. Among the top choices, users are more interested
in using the entry level smartphones because of their affordable prices.
Recently, one of the biggest research organisations in the world GfK Group conducted a research regarding the entry level smartphone sales in Bangladesh. According to
their research, Samsung Galaxy Y is the highest selling entry level smartphone in the country. Built on Android Gingerbread and powered by a strong processor, Samsung
Galaxy Y provides efficient Smartphone performance.
Big display and sleek look give them a stylish appearance. Free 2GB micro SD card, which is expandable up to 32 GB, boosts memory capacity. They come with Play Store
so users can download 600,000+ fun games, utility apps, and more.
IM via Facebook or Google Talk, easy sync with Facebook and Twitter, free ‘ChatOn’ service will meet the diverse demands of current and potential smartphone users.
Samsung Galaxy Y is available at Tk 12,900. The GfK Group, established in 1934 as Gesellschaft für Konsumforschung, (Society for Consumer Research) is Germany’s
largest market research institute, and the fifth largest market research organisation in the world, after Nielsen Company, Kantar Group, Ipsos (incl. Synovate) and IMS
Health. It was founded by an association of university teachers. GfK Retail and Technology tracks sales data in consumer goods and entertainment markets worldwide. It
has branches in 15 Indian cities as well as an office in Bangladesh, and is particularly active in the areas of consumer and social research.

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