News that made Messi and wife cry

August 13, 2021

Lionel Messi is one of the best stars in world football. The Argentine superstar recently left Spanish giants Barcelona to join Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) in France. Messi has ended all other formalities, including a contract with the club. The PSG has already practiced with other PSG players.
Messi also held his first press conference by joining PSG. Messi has tried to satisfy the curiosity by answering the questions of the media of different countries with a smile. Gayem Balag has interviewed Messi on behalf of the BBC. There, Messi spoke about the feelings of leaving Barca.
Looking at Messi’s smiling face, it may not be clear now how much trouble this player of all time has left Barcelona with.
However, a year ago, Messi wanted to leave the club in anger. But after a change on the club’s board, he not only backed down from the decision, he also agreed to halve his salary. But nothing worked. Barcelona’s financial situation became so bad that the Catalan club could not hold him without breaking the rules. He was informed that he would not be able to play for the club despite his desire. Messi, the world’s best football star, cried with his wife Antonella when he heard the news.
It was revealed last Sunday that Barcelona could not keep him even if they wanted to. Messi knew the bad news the day before.
“My father came home and told me the news,” Messi said. He went to see Barcelona President Juan Laporta and when he returned home, he told me the news. Dad gave me time to get ready before I told Antonella and the kids the bad news. ”
“Then I told Antonella and we both cried,” she said. Both of them were very upset. Then the two of them thought about how to give this news to the children, because we said last December, we will stay here. We felt that Thiago (the eldest son) would be shocked deeply hearing this news. “

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