Uncertainty looms over Zim series

December 30, 2015

The indecision over format has left the upcoming home series against Zimbabwe uncertain as the Bangladesh Cricket Board is yet to announce the schedule.
The BCB is in two minds regarding the format as some officials preferred a Test match and three Twenty20 matches while others are in favour of Twenty20s only.BCB president Nazmul Hasan suggested that there could be only Twenty20s just a day after Board’s cricket operation committee had recommended for a Test and three Twenty20s.
It left the broadcaster of the series in an awkward situation as they cannot book their crews and equipments.
It was alleged that the BCB did not comply with the standard practice of informing the broadcaster regarding their home series 90 days prior to the opening game.
In special circumstance Board can inform the broadcaster 30 days before a series, but in this case the BCB also did not maintain the procedure either.
According to insiders, the broadcaster was only formally informed on July 23 about the series that too without any confirmation of the format.
With the ICC Under-19 World Cup scheduled from January 27, most of the crews are booked a week before the tournament, making things further difficult for the broadcaster.
Sources said the BCB was told they must complete the series by January 23 or organise it in February to give the official broadcaster adequate time.
It was learnt BCB asked the broadcaster to arrange crews from somewhere else and accordingly they have communicated some crews from South Africa though it will be extremely expensive.
With the current scenario, the BCB was informed no match can be arranged before January 15 and after January 23 until late February.
Officials said they are reluctant to organise the series in February as four leading cricketers are scheduled to participate in Pakistan Super League from February 4-22.
It left the BCB only with a short window of eight days when they can arrange only three Twenty20. However sources said the BCB is also considering whether a series comprising just three Twenty20s will be commercially viable.
The BCB was told a series in a short- notice will redouble the production cost of the matches, something that can be hardly affordable for broadcaster.
If the broadcaster cannot bring his equipment from India, he must go to South Africa, which will cost the broadcaster an additional expense of $120,000.
BCB media committee chairman Jalal Yunus admitted that there is broadcasting issue but refused to elaborate.
‘I think there is some broadcasting issues as there will be ICC Under-19 World Cup,’ said Jalal. ‘I cannot give you details,’ he said.

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