Law to help execute plans, not change

August 26, 2015

Former national coach Stuart Law said on Tuesday that he is not willing to make too many changes in Bangladesh Under-19 setup but he is rather keen to add some values on the current system.
Law arrived on Monday to take up the technical advisor’s role of the Bangladesh Under-19 cricket team ahead of the ICC Under-19 World Cup, scheduled to take place here during next year.
He will work with the Junior Tigers for 16 weeks in three phases and first phase will be limited to four weeks, which will start in Khulna on August 30 before moving to BKSP for a skill training programme for Under-19 Squad.
Bangladesh are tipped as one of the favorites in the tournament after their recent success in both home and away against reigning Under-19 champions South Africa.
‘I am not here to change anything,’ Law told reporters at Mirpur. ‘I am not here to come in and say you do it that way or this way. I am going to assist and help the system as it is at the moment.
‘They have got the plan in place and I am going to add value to the system instead of changing it.
‘I will put an emphasis on what they have been doing well and if they understand and realise what they have been doing well and continue doing well then they will have success.
‘In a team sport you need to chalk out your role and it seems some of them have already chalked out their roles,’ he said.
Law, who had worked with the Australian emerging players after quitting the role of Bangladesh team head coach, said his major focus would be keeping the boys grounded ahead of the tournament.
‘If you start winning and become successful you can become complacent in the way about doing things,’ said Law.
‘It’s not about starting the day where we left off the day before but standing up and starting the day differently. If you continue to do that you can have more success.
‘It’s very easy to get into the mindset of winning a game or a hundred and you will notice that the boy who nicked the first ball or the second thinking that he is on 120,’ he said.
Law, who guided Bangladesh to the Asia Cup final in 2012 during his brief stint with the Tigers, said he had kept close eyes on his former charges.
He felt if they had played the Asia Cup at the moment they would have won the tournament.
Bangladesh lost to Asia Cup final to Pakistan by two runs, a defeat that still haunts many players.
‘I watched them pretty closely particularly in the World Cup when they had couple of games in my home town in Brisbane,’ said Law.
‘I am following the team progress as much as I can and I am following them in the facebook. I congratulate them when they are in good form and its pleasing to see,’ said Law.
‘I think they started to believe that they can compete at the top level. The games that we lost we should have won it,’ he said.
‘I think if we play that tournament now Bangladesh would be favourite to win it,’ he said.

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