Ex-girlfriend says Asif a ‘serial fixer’

August 30, 2010

Mohammad Asif’s ex-girl friend has launched a scathing attack at the bowler and accused him of being directly involved in match-fixing.
As a panelist on a news channel, Asif’s former girl friend Veena Malik accused the fast bowler of being ‘criminal minded’ and a ‘serial match-fixer.’
Here’s what she had to say:
-Asif reportedly told her that Pakistan will not win a series until 2010
-She has accused Asif of bribing an Indian doctor during his doping trial at the Indian Premier League
-He is supposed to have told Mohammad Amir “I have had more court cases than your age (18)”
-He reportedly told Veena Malik: “Stop praying….we will not win a single match during the tour to Australia.”
Asif’s alleged dealings:
“He went to Bangkok to meet some bookmakers within a notice of 24 hours. This is when we were in a relationship. The conversation on the phone before the tour of Australia was specifically about fixing.”
-Kalim Imran supposedly provided Asif with nandrolone injections. Malik claims she had asked what had happened to Asif’s performance to which Asif replied, “That wasn’t me, that was the nandrolone.”
-Indian bookie’s incoming text: Asif used to send texts to Dhiraj Dixit from his servant’s numbers.
Conversation: Dhiraj says: “I can give you 40,000 dollars for this deal. Asif says: “No I want 200,000 dollars.” Dhiraj says: I would like some more team members for this deal.”
She adds: “After this Asif disappeared for a day. After some checks I found out he had gone to Bangkok and returned within 24 hours. Upon returning and finding out that I had discovered something, Asif became a little shady and we started having fights.”
-When Pakistan started losing in Australia, I jokingly said, “For god’s sake win a match.” To this he replied, “We won’t win anything until 2010.”
Veena Malik, a former model and TV host, has said she is willing to part of any hearing related to match-fixing and will surely testify.


Courtesy of dawn.com

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