Clarke looks beyond cricket

February 21, 2015

Michael Clarke’s much-anticipated first press conference as Australian captain after injury lay off on Friday had little place for cricket as he had to talk more about weather, injuries and the debate over his rehabilitation. On a day a when Australia was hit by two cyclonic storms simultaneously, Clarke was also in no mood to give pre-analysis to a match, which is now possible only in theory.
Queensland received the worst hit as tropical storm Marcia battered the state, leaving today’s match between Bangladesh and Australia irrelevant to many people, including Clarke, whose position is revered as next to the prime minister right now.
‘The forecast is obviously not great, and to be honest, I think our main focus right now as a team is on the people of Queensland,’ Clarke said.
‘I think we need to realise how bad this storm is, the cyclone is… and make sure everybody is healthy and safe.
‘Our prayers are with obviously a lot of people throughout the state and then we’ll worry about the cricket tomorrow [today].
‘If we get on we’ll be a hundred per cent prepared and ready. There is no doubt about it,’ said Clarke, who was preparing to make his return to competitive cricket with this match.
Australian media are obsessed by the prospect of his return, which according to his team-mate Shane Warne, was hastened in a way that could eventually ruin his career.
In a recent interview with local television channel, Warne said the deadline that was set for him is less than 10 weeks after the initial surgery was an attempt by Cricket Australia officials to ‘break’ Clarke.
Coach Darren Lehman already rubbished the claim but Clarke largely maintained silence on the issue until Friday’s press conference when he termed his long time friend’s comment ‘out of the context.’
‘I’ve always supported Warney, he’s been a big supporter of mine and he is a good friend,’ Clarke said.
‘I think Shane might have been taken out of context with what he said the other day because I’ve obviously spoken to him since then.
‘I think what he was trying to say is the medical staffs have pushed me to the limit which is a great thing.
Clarke declared him fit and ready within the deadline that was set for him.
‘This is the first time in my career I’ve had to have surgery,’ he said. ’I’ve had niggles all the way throughout my career, but I probably haven’t missed as much cricket as I have over the last couple of months.
‘But I’ll put a lot of faith in my preparation and the work that I’ve done over the last eight, eight-and-a-half weeks.
‘And I’m really confident that I’m a hundred percent fit to walk out on that field and help the team have success.’

-With New Age input

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