BCB won’t insist Faruk stay

June 21, 2016

Bangladesh Cricket Board president Nazmul Hasan on Monday said that they will not insist chief selector Faruk Ahmed to stay on if he wants to step down from his post.
Faruk, who is in USA now, told reporters that he will resign from his post protesting BCB’s decision of implementing the two-tier selection policy though BCB chief claimed he has not received anything from him yet.
‘He may resign, there is no need to create any disturbance here,’ Nazmul reporters at BKSP. ‘I like Faruk a lot. We gave him the honour for his past. We did not have the chief selector post initially but we made it to give him the honour,’ said the BCB boss.
‘There is no chance to create any confusion here,’ added Nazmul.
Under the new system a three-member panel, to which Faruk has been apparently retained as chief, would pick the team and put it forward to cricket operations chairman Akram Khan who will discuss the team with head coach and manager for placing to the BCB president for his final approval.
Nazmul said it is not a huge change and whatever change is made that is done for the betterment of country’s cricket and he said he could not even understand what the problem with Faruk is.
‘It’s not a new thing. We have been getting the result. Why should we change it? I am doing whatever we had been doing. It’s not a new thing at all.’
‘What is the problem? We have been working like this’.
Nazmul also said they did not even insist Heath Streak, who had been one of the chief architects of Bangladesh’s recent successes, when he decided not to extend his contract and they will do the same to Faruk.
‘We never got a better bowling coach than Heath Streak. We did not discuss when he decided to quit. There is no provision in the board to insist someone and Faruk will not be an exception.’
Nazmul said that no person is more important than discipline and he also added that they are working to sustain the discipline and improve the performance of the players.
‘I said it several times that for the success of Bangladesh cricket coach, selectors or we are not important.
‘Two things are important. One is discipline that we lacked and I am trying to bring it. The other thing is the performance of the players.
‘If some new boys would not enter into the Bangladesh team Bangladesh could not have reached here. If you compare it with past you will see that previously the things were not in right shape. Now everyone is performing.’
On Sunday Faruk said that the new system will compromise the independence of the selectors and it will do no good to country’s cricket.
‘It will be difficult to work in this system. We have to have scope to work without interference. The independence of the selectors will be greatly compromised.’

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