BCB official opposes two-tier proposal

June 28, 2016

Bangladesh Cricket Board’s vice president Mahbub Anam on Monday said that there is no way Bangladesh should support the two-tier system in the Test cricket that may be implemented after ICC’s ongoing annual meeting. The ICC started its annual meeting at Edinburgh on Monday where it will discuss two-tier system among other issues that would see seven nations be placed into division one and five in division two, with promotion and relegation decided in every two years.
Based on the current rankings, West Indies, Bangladesh and Zimbabwe would slip into division two and they will be joined by two best teams from the 2015-17 Intercontinental Cup.
If the two-tier system is approved Bangladesh will be denied of an opportunity to play Test cricket against the top teams.
Mahbub said without getting those chances Bangladesh cricket cannot leap forward.
‘We do not support it at all’ said Mahbub, adding that ‘Sports is such a thing where the more you play against competitive matches the more you will improve.’
Mahbub also said that the exposure to the highest level was the main reason Bangladesh could improve their game and if that facility is no longer provided the country’s game will move backward.
‘If we could not play with big teams in one-day internationals, our current standard would not be reached.
‘When we achieved the full membership from associate membership we got a shock as we were king in our previous level.
‘That new level belonged to the real world, where the competition was in a different level. If we retreat from there I think instead of moving forward our cricket will go backward.’
Mahbub also thought the total process is still obscure and one should not comment on it yet.
‘It’s in the smog now and I think it needs to be clarified. One should not comment on such an obscure issue. Not only the game but also marketing right is involved here, the thing is not clear yet.
Mahbub also showed dissatisfaction of ICC as he thought the body is creating faction in the game instead of disseminate, which is their responsibility.
‘ICC’s responsibility is to globalise the cricket. Their job is not to create a special class. Look at football. It is expanding from 16 to 20, 20 to 32.
‘ICC is rather trying to decrease it. I don’t think this should be the motto of a global organisation.
Bangladesh was supposed to take an official position on the matter during the recent meeting of the Bangladesh Cricket Board. But BCB president Nazmul Hasan dissuaded the directors as, he said, the matter is yet to be formally discussed in ICC.

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