Pooja Bedi tests positive for Covid-19; fiance and house-help also infected

October 19, 2021

Actress Pooja Bedi recently tested positive for coronavirus and she took on social media to inform her fans and well-wishers about the same.
After testing Covid-19 positive, she shared an Instagram video and spoke about her condition. She said that she got tested for the virus after she was down with fever, and her fiance and house help have contracted Covid.
In the video, she spoke about her choice of not taking the vaccine as she believed in her body’s immunity. The actress has been very vocal about not taking the vaccine.
She posted the video and wrote “COVID POSITIVE!!!!”
“I have finally been diagnosed as [Covid] positive. I chose/choose to stay unvaccinated as its my personal decision to allow my own natural immunity and alternative healing and wellness practices to accelerate my healing”, Pooja said and added, “You do what’s right for you. Each to their own.”
She further said “Caution. not panic.”
In the video, Pooja says “Hello everyone! I have been wondering why I have not got the coronavirus till now. It is so infectious and everyone, at some point is going to get it. Seems that I have now caught it. I have tested positive.”
The actress also assured her fans that she was taking all the required precautions.

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