No need for such democracy

December 31, 2013

Rafiqu-ul-Huq pleads for male leadership
Eminent jurist Barrister Rafique-ul-Huq on Monday opted for male leader, not the female one for Bangladesh, reports UNB. “Now, the country does not need female leader, it needs male leader,” he said while giving his reaction regarding the attack of pro-government activists on the lawyers in the High Court premise. Barrister Rafique, the attorney general during the dictator HM Ershad regime, questioned what happened if the government allowed the opposition sponsored ‘March for Democracy’. “How strange, the roads were blocked by sand-laden trucks! And this is supposed to be a democracy!” he said. He said if this is called democracy, then “the country has no need for it”. “Everyone is advocating for deferring the election, but the AL is adamant not to defer it,” he said. Noting the unopposed wins of a huge number of candidates in the 10th election, he said that it’s is worse than selection. “Two leaders (Sheikh Hasina and Khaleda Zia) do not like each other, one never callsl another, this time there is no need for female leader, male leader is the need now,” he said. He also opted for introducing a system where nobody will be allowed to become prime minister more than two times. Barrister Rafique said that if the BNP is ready to join in the election then the election must be deferred. Talking about the incident in the High Court premises on Sunday, the most senior jurist in the country said that at present MK Alamgir is not the Home Minister. “Prime Minister herself is the responsible for the ministry. She is the daughter of Bangabandhu. If she gave the order then it is regretful for us.” He also said that the Supreme Court is dead. “The namaj-e-janaza of the Supreme Court has been offered,” he added. Pointing to the intervention of the foreigners in local politics, he said that the country is independent and sovereign. “If the foreigners gave us directives then we should put rope on our neck,” said the only lawyer of the country who served as legal counsel to both Sheikh Hasina and Khaleda Zia during the army-backed caretaker government.

-With UNB/The News Today input

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