Confusion over Fitra

August 30, 2010

Govt now says Tk 45 is minimum
In a span of three days, the Islamic Foundation has fixed this year’s fitra at Tk 100 and Tk 45 per head creating confusion among people.
At a meeting yesterday, Islamic Foundation fixed the minimum fitra at Tk 45. Earlier on Thursday, it fixed the fitra at Tk 100 per head in another meeting of the foundation.
In earlier years, there was only one minimum fitra. It was Tk 40 per head in 2009 and Tk 66 in 2008.
Nizam Uddin, public relations officer of Islamic Foundation, told The Daily Star fitra fixed at Tk 100 is equal to the market price of 3.3 kgs of rice while Tk 45 is equal to the market price of 1.65 kgs of wheat.
“The fitra was not re-fixed in today’s [yesterday] meeting. Only a minimum fitra was set at Tk 45. Both Tk 45 and Tk 100 can be given as fitra as the amounts are correct according to the Shariah,” he said.
An official of Islamic Foundation, requesting anonymity, said the minimum fitra was set at Tk 45 in yesterday’s meeting amid controversies over the earlier fixed fitra of Tk 100.
Several religious scholars protested against the earlier set fitra of Tk 100 saying it was unjust. They demanded fixing the fitra at Tk 45, the official added.
Fitra is Wajib (mandatory) and should be paid to the needy for all members of the family before the prayers of Eid-ul-Fitr.


Courtesy of The Daily Star

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