Unauthorised fishing puts existence of Muria Haor in jeopardy

December 29, 2012

The existence of Muria Haor in Biyanibazar of Sylhet is now under threat for lack of a fish sanctuary along the vast water body, once bountiful with fish resources.
Unabated fishing through use of current nets and mosquito nets not only disturbs fish breeding in the haor but it has also denuded the water body of majority of the fish species once it had.
Once upon a time, the haor was home to at least 115 species of fish, most of which are now absent here.
Several spices of fish including Rani, Bagha Air, Rayek, Madhu, Pabda, Chital, Boro Bain, Ritha, Boal, Koi and Magur are rarely seen here.
Only after flushing out water from the water body, a handful of Tengra, Bheda, Shing, Chapila, Mola and Darkina fishes can be caught.
Besides, sand carried by hill and flood waters has filled some 19 marshes of the area.
Several species of silver fish are also facing extinction.
With the degrading of the haor, livelihood of the people of 17 villages surrounding it is now at stake.
A number of projects have been taken up for the development of Muria haor in the last 41 years, but none of them has been implemented.
Chairman of Muria Union Parishad Abul Khayer said if the Muria Haor projects are not implemented soon, the geographical features of the haor and ecology of the area will be under threat in the next one decade.
The eight square mile haor lies along the bordering area.
So water rushing from Indian hills has been filling the haor for many years though the haor dries up in the winter and is flooded in the rainy season.
The inhabitants of the haor area said the haor once resounded with chirping and fluttering of migratory birds including Balihans and Golgolihans 15-20 years ago.
Various species of birds including heron, Kora, Kori-Kata, Shamukbhangri, kite and Pankouri are disappearing day by day.
There is no initiative taken to save the plants of the haor area either.
Upazila fisheries officer Kabir Ahmed said Tk 50 crore is required for the uplift of Muria haor.

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