English medium schools pocketing money

June 28, 2011

In the name of teaching
English medium schools pocketing money
English medium schools across the country are allegedly collecting excessive money from the students of all classes. Although higher class families can bear the high cost easily, the middle and lower class families can ill afford such high expenses for the study of their wards at these schools. Meanwhile, English medium schools have been earning a lot of money in the name of teaching English and producing¬†smart new¬†generation. Sources said Scholastica School earns about Tk 21 crore, Oxford International School Tk 22 crore 50 lakh, AgaKhan School Tk 7 crore and 50 lakh, Dhaka International School Tk 22 crore, Mastermind School about Tk 16 crore and Sanidel School about Tk 10 crore each year from the students. Scholastica School office sources said that if a student wants to study in their School he/she must give Tk 70 thousand as admission and security fee, Tk 15,000 as anniversary and Tk 5,000 as monthly fee. So a student has to pay Tk 1 lakh 45,000 a year. Students wishing to study at these English medium schools across the country particularly the capital city have to bear the same cost. A middle class family earns at least Tk 1 lakh a year and lower family earns much less. But a family will have to spend about Tk 1 lakh 4o, ooo if it wants to admit it ward in the school. It is totally impossible for middle and lower class families to send their wards to such schools. Rifat Hossain, an officer of Dhaka University said he has no ability to admit his daughter at any English medium school. On the other hand, English version school authorities took money from a student less than English medium schools. An English medium school takes Tk 1 lakh 40,000 from a student a year whereas an English version school takes Tk about 25,000. Milestone School and College which is run by privately takes Tk 8,000 from a student as admission fee and Tk 600 as monthly fee from a Play Group and Tk 15,000 as admission fee and Tk 1200 as monthly fee from a higher secondary class student. Principal of Milestone School and College told The New Nation that they run the institution only for the serving the society. They take about Tk 25,000 from each student. “We have experienced teachers, managing committee and a strong administration,” he added. Veteran teacher of Dhaka University Prof Aminul Islam said government should establish its rules at the English medium schools to ensure admission of the students from all walks of people. The schools should be brought under government control soon, he opined. Prof Anwar Hossain told The New Nation that the rules and regulations of English medium schools are off from the National Education Policy. He said wrong English being taught to the students. Meanwhile, schools authorities did not follow the Education Ministry’s directive. They run their schools without any governing body. Even Education Ministry has no clear idea about English medium school and how many English schools have in the country, Ministry does not know it.

-With The New Nation input

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