Winners to work jointly with losers: Gen Moeen

December 29, 2008

Winners to work jointly with losers: Gen Moeen
UNB, Dhaka
Army chief Gen Moeen U Ahmed hoped that Monday’s election winners along with the losers would work together for taking the country forward.
“The country should not be divided unnecessarily and without any reason,” he told reporters after casting his vote at Adamjee Cantonment College polling centre.
Replying to a question, Gen Moeen said, “This is not only the victory of Bangladesh rather the victory of the whole world.”
The United Nations and all other power centres of the present day world have extended support to the caretaker government for Bangladesh’s democratic transition from the state of emergency through necessary reforms to put behind past crises.
The chief of army staff said, “We all want democracy. Democracy is coming back after two years. What can be more pleasurable than this?”


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