Pamela Anderson worried about Mumbai’s stray dogs

January 16, 2009

By Agencies
America’s pin-up girl Pamela Anderson is worried about the possible killing of Mumbai’s stray dogs that the municipal authority may find nuisance to the city.
Anderson, a regular PETA activist, has come to the rescue of stray dogs after she learnt that the civic authorities under the Mumbai Municipal Corporation Act can kill them.
In a letter to municipal commissioner Jairaj Phatak, Anderson said, that she has learnt from the NGO – People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), India, that street dogs of Mumbai may be caught and cruelly destroyed.
“It is well established that killing stray dogs is not a permanent solution to control their population. According to studies conducted by World Health Organisation (WHO) mass sterilisation of stray animals is the most viable solution to nuisance and health concerns in addition to being more humane,” Anderson said in a letter.
She also asked to promote a sterlisation programme for stray animals. All dogs adopted or purchased from animal shelters and pet shops should be sterlised, according to her.
Anderson said that the animal sex trade perpetrated by dog breeders and pet shops is a part of the problem and curbing it will help end animal overpopulation.
Lastly, she said that she expects that progressive action would be taken on this issue and would discuss on it during her next visit to India.
Pamela Anderson is a vegetarian and a passionate advocate of animal rights. As a PETA member, she has campaigned against the use of fur. She has also campaigned against seal hunting in her native country, Canada.


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