Mindless Car Parking On in Gulshan

December 29, 2008

Photo: Tawfique Ali

Photo: Tawfique Ali

Dhaka City Corporation (DCC) move to free the main thoroughfare in Gulshan from illegal car parking falls flat as vehicles are being parked right under the ‘no parking’ signs. The DCC recently leased out a number of lanes in the posh residential neighbourhood for commercial car parking on the plea that it would help free the Gulshan Avenue and particularly the intersections from illegal parking. Although the DCC installed quite a number of such signs at several points, mindless parking at the Gulshan Avenue and two intersections at Gulshan Circle-1 and 2 goes on unabated hindering normal traffic and pedestrian movement everyday. The picture on the right shows vehicles are also parked on the sidewalks at Gulshan Avenue elbowing the pedestrians out.

Courtesy: thedailystar.net

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