‘The Bodyguard’ To Be Remade

February 25, 2011

‘The Bodyguard’ is set to be remade.
The 1992 hit movie – which starred Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston and took $411 million at the worldwide box office – is being given a 2011 makeover by Warner Bros. and will be scripted by Jeremiah Friedman and Nick Palmer.
The original film told the tale of a Secret Service agent – played by Kevin – who was drafted to protect a singing¬†diva (Whitney) whose life has been threatened by a stalker. He then falls for her but knows they can’t have relationship because of his job and they part ways.
The new version is similar, including the love story, but the bodyguard is a former Iraq war veteran who is hired to protect the singing star, his first job since leaving the army. He discovers that the world of Twitter, Facebook and gossip websites has made access to celebrities easier than ever, making the job more difficult.
Although no stars have been signed to the project, producers are keen to get a young female singer with global appeal and give her the platform that ‘The Bodyguard’ gave for Whitney.


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