Superman celebrates 75th birthday with Man of Steel

June 12, 2013

Superman celebrates 75th birthday with Man of SteelThe world’s most famous superhero Superman celebrates his platinum anniversary this month with the new film of the famous series, Man of Steel,
hitting the theatres, reports Hindustan Times.
The character was imagined by a pair of Jewish teens from Cleveland about three-quarters of a century ago and since then he has fought for ‘truth, justice and the American Way’, the New York Daily News reported.
One of the best-known portrayals of Superman was by Christopher Reeves, who starred as the Kryptonian in four feature films during the 1970s and 1980s.Henry Cavill, who plays the titular hero in Man of Steel, said that he has always appreciated Superman.
He further said that the superhero always did the right thing and he is glad that he finally got a chance to express his feelings about Superman. Superman first appeared in Action Comics No.1 in June 1938. The copies sometimes sell for more than 1 million dollars making it one of the most valuable comic of all time.

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