The recognition will take me ahead: Joya Ahsan

January 21, 2013

National Film Award 2011
The recognition will take me ahead: Joya Ahsan
The recognition will take me ahead- Joya AhsanPopular model turned actress Joya Ahsan has won the National Film Award-2011 for her lively performance in a challenging role in the war of independence based film Guerilla. It is her first national recognition as an actress.
In an interview with New Age the Joya Ahsan hopes that the recognition will inspire her career and will take her ahead in future.
‘I am really happy to win the award, but I would say that the credit goes to all the crews of Guerilla as filmmaking is teamwork,’ Joya Ahsan told New Age.
‘However, the award has made me more responsible and to do better. I always try to be with something good, and the award will inspire me a lot in future,’ she added.
Though Joya Ahsan is popular in small screen, she has attained huge popularity in a short time for her credible acting in diverse roles in the silver screen. In the film Guerilla, directed by Nasiruddin Yousuff, Joya played the protagonist who helps the freedom at the risk of her life.
The audience also enjoyed her performance in another challenging character in Redoan Rony’s debut film Chorabali where she acts the lead as a woman journalist, who unearths the crime of a mafia don.
In fact, these days she has turned to be a full-fledged commercial film actress. ‘I am going to work in Samurai Maruf’s “Parle Theka”. The project is still in the very early stage and I can’t tell details. Still I can assure is that it will also be a unique character,’ she said.
‘I don’t want to limit myself in patterned characters and I always look for diversity and experimentations. The viewers will also find me in a different manner in Shafiuddin’s commercial film Purna Dorgho Prem Kahini,’ she added.
Her recent dedication to the mainstream film is a result of her devotion to film. ‘Like anybody I believe good commercial films should be made regularly for the development of the film industry in the country. As an artiste and film lover I believe I should have an active participation. So, I’m acting in commercial films even enduring the criticisms,’ said Joya Ahsan, who believes that only the collective endeavours of the talented artistes of the country can take the film industry one step ahead.
At the same time she observes that the mainstream filmmakers also should realise the taste of the contemporary audience. Otherwise, she believes, their endeavours will go in vein.
The actress is also working in Kolkata films. ‘My first film in Kolkata titled Abarta directed by Ramesh Sill will be released on March 1 in Paschimbanga,’ she said.
Comparing her experience of working in Dhaka and Kolkata based film industries, Joya said, ‘Directors in Kolkata are more professional than those in Dhaka. Still, they have a lack of passion and dedication that the local directors have to overcome so many limitations.’
Joya Ahsan hopes that people remember her as a good actress not as a ‘star’, who has short term popularity.

-With New Age input

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