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November 23, 2011

In conversation with Moushumi
Actress Moushumi won many hearts for her role in the film “Keyamat Theke Keyamat” in 1991. In her 20- year career, she has starred in many more films and tried her hand at direction too. Of late, she has acted in a film titled “Projapoti” Mosumi took some time off from her busy schedule to talk to The Daily Star (TDS) about myriad subjects.
Many actors who embarked on a career in films much later than you have gone into oblivion. But you are on the go. What explains your success story?
Moushumi: Possibly my effort, dedication and hard work have helped me hold my own in the film industry. I was true to my profession and have a great penchant for films. No one can succeed in any profession without true love for it. I had the opportunity to act in several good films including “Meghla Akash”, “Golapi Ekhon Biletey”, “Keyamat Theke Keyamat”, “Khairun Sundari” and “Denmohor”. I received a national award for my role in the film “Meghla Akash”.
What propels you towards social work?
Moushumi: I feel an urge from within to do something for the underprivileged. I have established a school for almost 200 children. Now I have a plan to set up a hospital for the differently abled.
Alongside you have major responsibilities in the UN. What are they?
Moushumi: Yes. You are right. I was made special ambassador to the UN. I have also worked for children as a representative of UNESCO.
Tell us about your role in the film “Projapoti” which was released last week.
Moushumi: I was very optimistic about the success of the film and my hunch turned out to be correct. I watched the film at a cinema hall along with all my family members. In a word, I enjoyed the film. The spectators also watched the film with great fervour. The film has been a total sell out and advance tickets for a week have been sold. I appreciate the enthusiasm of this generation of film viewers. All those in the hall lauded my acting along with that of Zahid Hasan and Mosharraf Karim. Special thanks to Raj, the director of the film, who pulled out all the stops in making the film.
What are your upcoming films?
Moushumi: On the invitation from expatriate Bangladeshis, I went to Qatar to participate in a cultural programme last Eid-ul-Azha. That’s why I was out of the scene for a while. Now I am working in several films including “Soubhagyo”, directed by F I Manik and “Ek Cup Cha”, produced by actor Ferdous. Recently, I have finished shooting for the film “Devdas”. Several films are in the pipeline. I also acted in two TV plays last Eid and plan to act in several more TV plays.
You have recently been elected as a vice president of Bangladesh Chalachchitra Shilpi Samity. What initiatives would you like to take in future?
Moushumi: We have many plans up our sleeves. First of all to raise funds, we would like to organise a cultural event with Dhallywood and Tollywood artistes. We don’t want to see the label “Destitute Artiste”. You will get to know about other initiatives in course of time.
Many young directors have sought to get a foothold in the film industry. What is your take on this trend?
Moushumi: Of course young directors must come forward. I believe if they seriously engage themselves, the overall scenario of our film industry will change for the better. A good number of young directors are now active in our industry. I hope they do better. The director of “Projapoti” is young too. Nayeem Imtiaz Neyamul, the director of “Ek Cup Cha”, is very young. The young can win against all the odds.
Are you optimistic about the future of Bangladeshi cinema?
Moushumi: Our film industry suffered much in the recent past. Now it is turning in the right direction. If we fail, it will be hard for us to drag ourselves out of the morass. Other than the government, meritorious and well-informed filmmakers have to steer the wheel. Only then we can expect excellence in our film industry.


Courtesy of The Daily Star

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