Nipun shares her experience

August 23, 2013

Acting In Tollywood
Nipun shares her experience 
Nipun shares her experienceNoted film actor Nipun has recently shot for a Bengali film being produced in Kolkata. She has completed working in Rupali Chatterjee’s debut film Porichoy starring Tollywood heartthrob Prasenjit Chatterjee in the lead male role.
‘The film Porichoy is a simple social drama portraying the life of a typical Kolkata girl,’ Nipun informed.
‘Working with Prasenjit is one of the biggest achievements of my acting career. Initially, I was a bit nervous acting with the popular Indian actor during the shoot. But, he made it easy by introducing himself to me. Soon I felt comfortable working with him and started enjoying the work,’ added an excited Nipun.
She further informed that the greatest difference between Kolkata-based film industry Tollywood and Dhallywood is that the artistes and technicians of Tollywood are more punctual. ‘Moreover, their post production procedures are more organised than ours,’ the actor added.
Nipun will be eagerly waiting for the audience to warmly accept the film. ‘If the reception is good, I will go for more films in Tollywood,’ shared the actor, who has won the National Film Award twice– in 2008 for Shajghor and in 2009 for Chaander Moto Bou.
Nipun is currently involved with several films including Mayanagar by Shanti Chowdhury, Mayer Mamota by Murtafizur Babu and Padma Parer Parboti by Rafiq Sikder.
For this Eid festival, the popular actor has performed in a number of teleplays including Partho Sarkar’s Nupur on Channel 9, Masud Sezan’s Hatem Ali on Banglavision and a few others. Nipun said that she does not find any difference in terms of working in films and teleplays. ‘I am an actor and I give the same efforts whether it is for a film or a teleplay,’ expressed Nipun.
However Nipun claims that she is always selective regarding the script. ‘The plot is the foremost important thing to me. My next emphasis is on the team members involved in the production. A good team can ensure a quality production as films and teleplays require team work,’ the actor observed.
Although Nipun has accomplished a few milestones in her career, she is still thirsty for something very specific. ‘I am still seeking a character that will make an eternal impact on the minds of the viewers,’ expressed Nipun, who emerged as a film actor in 2006 through the movie Pitar Aashon. The young actor claimed that she has received a pool of offers from film-makers in Kolkata based film industry.

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