Mahurat of Humayun Ahmed’s latest film “Ghetu Putro Komola”

October 25, 2010

Shedding light on a bygone era
The mahurat (formal launch) of Humayun Ahmed’s film “Ghetu Putro Komola” was held on October 23 at Channel i’s Tejgaon office, in the capital. A press conference was held on the occasion as well. Impress Telefilm is the producer of the movie and will eventually arrange its world premiere.
Prior to the mahurat, some of the cast-members took part in a dance performance with one of the songs featured in the film, “Jol-er Ghatey Banshi Bajey Go Komola”. Actor Fazlur Rahman Babu lent his voice to the song.
Managing director of Impress Telefilm and Channel i, Faridur Reza Sagor said, “Impress Telefilm has so far produced several quality films directed by Humayun Ahmed. It is a pleasure to work with him again. I believe new experiences will excite us throughout the making of the film, ultimately leading to the world premiere.”
Humayun Ahmed said, “Almost 150 years back, a musical tradition emerged at Jolshukha village in Habiganj, which is known as Ghetu Sangeet. Though based on traditional elements, what set ghetu music apart was the accompanying distinct style of dance. The dancers, called ‘ghetu’, were adolescent boys in the guise of girls. The often suggestive dancing of these young performers enticed and entertained people from the upper class, and at one point it became socially acceptable to be intimate with them. It became fashionable for influential men to spend time with these performers.
“This degenerate practice in the name of entertainment became extinct, as Ghetu Sangeet is now a distant memory. I wanted to narrate that story through my film ‘Ghetu Putro Komola’. The film also sheds light on the woes of the ghetu dancers.”
Among others, Finance Minister AMA Muhith; newly appointed Education Secretary Kamal Chowdhury; Director General of Bangla Academy Professor Shamsuzzaman Khan and noted writer Professor Syed Manzoorul Islam attended the event.
After the mahurat, a question and answer session followed, where Humayun Ahmed informed that shooting of the film will begin from today.

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