Eid movies yet to be fixed

August 16, 2012

Shakib Khan dominates market
Movie lovers still need to wait to get the final list of the Eid movies as several background calculations are going on among the producers and exhibitors, sources said.
The Bangladesh Film Producers and Distributors Association has given clearance to six movies for release although the organisation initially planned to give permission to four movies with hopes that Eid movies make good profit set against the slumped trade market.
Movies those got permission from BFPDA are Most Welcome, Se Amar Mon Kerechhey, My Name is Sultan, Dhakar King, Khodar Porey Maa and Tumi Asbe Bole.
Sources confirmed that the final decision depends on the producers’ influence on the exhibitors.
Most Welcome and Tumi Asbe Bole have been finalised, confirmed the sources. But, rest of the movies featuring Dhallywood heartthrob Shakib Khan are in dilemma.
‘It has happened for Shakib Khan’s very lofty demand. If all of his four movies get release simultaneously, a huge competition may arise among those movies. For which even a big budget movie might have to face loss,’ a source at Bangladesh Film Producers and Distributors Association told New Age.
‘Producers of Most Welcome and Tumi Asbe Bole have taken the number of prints of their respective movies as per the demand of the cinema owners,’ the source added.
Big budget romantic action movie Most Welcome, directed by Ananya Mamun features Ananta, Barsha Sohel Rana Bappa Raj and Misha Sawdagor. Moreover, Bollywood star Sneha Ullal also performs in the movie.
Young director Ashrafur Rahman’s romantic movie Tumi Ashbe Boley, on the other hand, features Nirob, Nipun and Miju Ahmed.
Shakib starred four movies almost have the same storyline. The hero character dominating action movies basically feature conventional Dhallywwod chemistry: a superman like hero fights against the evils and the “heroine” appears in romantic and emotional scenes only.
Directed by FI Manik, My Name is Sultan features Shakib Khan and TV actress Tinni.
Shafiuddin Shafi’s action movie Dhakar King features popular Dhallyhood duo Shakib-Apu. Nipun, Misha Sawdagor and others also perform in the movie.
Shaheen Suman’s family drama Khodar Porey Maa also features Shakib Khan, Sahara and Misha Sawdagor.
Shakib Khan and Sahara also play the lead characters in Sohanur Rahman Sohan’s romantic action movie Se Amar Mon Kerechhe.
Sources confirmed that the producers of all of Shakib starred movies have taken around fifty prints to grab the Eid market.
But, hero Shakib Khan does not want that more than two movies acted by him get release considering a huge competition among these movies.
Another interesting aspect of this year’s Eid market is the competition between Apu Biswas and Sahara since both of them are co-actors with the Dhaliwood heartthrob.
Besides these mainstream movies, Eid makers can also enjoy world premiere of Atmadan and Hathat Sedin on channel-i during the Eid.

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